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Electrical Fire Protection Installation

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Electrical Fire Protection Installation

At Reliable Fire & Safety, our experienced technicians ensure your fire alarms and emergency lights comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as the B.C. Building Code, National a d B.C. Fire Code, Vancouver bylaws and NFPA.

Why do you need to contact Reliable Fire and Safety for Electrical Fire Protection Installation ?

Today, many regulations and standards governing emergency lighting and fire alarms confuse many people. Here our team of experts has the expertise to divide and execute these complicated laws. We will install your fire alarm and emergency lighting systems accurately.

The proper functioning of an alarm system is critical to successful fire security for both people and businesses. It is required that fire protection systems are correctly installed in buildings with the warning and emergency lighting systems intact. Emergency lighting is key to removing people in the event of a fire. As visionary 21st-century fire protection company, Reliable Fire & Safety is provided with the in-depth knowledge on how to take care of your electrical installations such as fire alarm and emergency lighting system properly.

We will also consider about your:

  • Your Budget
  • Availability
  • Type of Existing Fire Protection System
  • Fire Protection Requirements
  • Efficiency and Power Consumption

Reliable Fire Protection Company in British Columbia

Fire Alarm Installation

From Fire Alarm Installations to Testing & Maintenance: we have years of industry experience testing, repairing, maintaining and installing fire alarm panels across BC. We can handle the entire project, from fire alarm design and engineering to completion and occupancy!

Emergency Lighting

As with fire alarm systems, emergency lighting installations require comprehensive electrical work and should only be administered by a trained professional. We operate with officials having supervision to guarantee proper placement and installation of these systems. Reliable Fire’s skilled fire protection technicians assure your emergency lighting meets all regulatory requirements.

Our team is made up of qualified, experienced technicians whom you can trust. We pride ourselves on being professional and reliable from start to finish. As reliable fire protection company in BC, we rely on right word of mouth from our past customers, so we are always keen to make a good impression, both by what we do and how we do it!

Electrical Fire Protection Installation in BC

Control Panel Installation

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Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing faults.

Coded panels were made during the 1800s to 1970s. They are one of the initial types of fire alarm control panel. Like today’s conventional panels, each zone from these panels was connected to its own code wheel. The size of these panels was usually large. A whole mechanical room was occupied by the panel and its code wheel. Also, the codes had to be maintained. Sometimes, the codes were written on the pull stations to avoid confusion. These panels are not used as much today. The new growing technology has now replaced the coded panel system.

The conventional panel includes one or more circuits that are wired directly to the initiating devices. Conventional panels are working since the time electronics were used. A normal current passes through the circuit to other connected zones. When these zones detect the smoke or gas, the current starts moving back to the panel. The panel detects the current and responds back by ringing the alarm. The number of zones used depends completely on the need of the premises.

The most commonly used panel in today’s time is the addressable fire alarm panel. Unlike conventional panels, these work on a microprocessor. It means, there is no use of electric current to send messages to the panel. The detector and the panel are connected to the microprocessor that is placed on the entire premises. The processor sends data of the detector to the panel. These type of panels also tells you if the detector is not working properly.

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