Standpipe and Fire Hose Inspection

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Standpipe & Fire Hose Inspection

We offer a comprehensive range of Inspection solutions. Our skilled team is qualified, experienced, polite and on-hand to assist you.

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We will accurately inspect your standpipe. Our engineers are qualified to work on a wide range of Standpipes and have an excellent reputation. Their skill and knowledge will help a lot to carry out a perfect inspection for your standpipe and fire hose.

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If your firm is responsible for performing inspections on water-based fire protection systems, then you can relate to that statement. Honestly, trying to complete the various code inspections on a standpipe system can often be challenging.

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Reliable Fire Emergency Service

To face any emergency situation, your standpipe and fire hose should work perfectly well. With our hotline, now you can reach us to arrange a quick inspection of your standpipe and fire hose.

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Our Awesome Standpipe & Fire Hose Inspection Service

Our ASTT-certified fire protection technicians inspect your system to ensure it complies with applicable regulations and safety standards, checking:

The hoses’ physical condition

We will inspect the physical condition of your fire hose and ensure that it is ready for any emergencies.

Proper connection to water supplies

Even if your fire hose is in perfect condition, if it is not connected to a water supply properly then it will give you problems.

Presence and operability of the appropriate nozzle assembly

Nozzels control the pressure of water. Therefore, perfect operation of nozzles are crucially important as well.

Operability of the water supply valve

Main water supply can be controlled through the main water supply valve. In an emergency, we need to control the amount of water discharging. Water valve should be functioned well without any interference.

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Fire Hose and Standpipe Testing & Inspection Service

Standpipe systems and fire hoses provide important secondary fire protection along side the protection offered by your sprinkler system.

As a professional fire protection company, Reliable Fire inspects and tests standpipe and fire hose systems with supreme attention. We give priority to save your lives. Standpipes and fire hoses must comply with many numbers of laws, from placing and design to couplings and accessories to inspection. We have mentioned some of the inspection and testing needs below for your reference.

Monthly Visual Inspections

  • Locked and supervised valves & tamper switches
  • Hose stations and cabinets
  • Fire department connections

Annual Inspections

  • Main drain test
  • Test hose, hose valves and all other related valves
  • Inspect hose connections, pressure regulating devices, nozzles, racks and storage device
  • Test hose storage device
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Comprehensive Inspection & Training Service

In addition, you need to check the system’s sealed control valves and gauges weekly. While only a qualified fire protection professional should handle the yearly inspection and tests for your standpipe and fire hose system, Reliable Fire & Safety will prepare your staff members to conduct weekly and monthly inspections.

After each inspection, our fire protection technicians describe any needs to you. And as a full-service fire protection company, we will remedy any deficiencies, including clearing out the trash, upon request.

To schedule your standpipe and fire hose inspection, contact Reliable Fire today.

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